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Backsplash Question and lights on their way

 Backsplash question:  Ok, so I got a bid to do new tile for my backsplash and it was over 2600 for just this small wall. (not inlcuding tile). I thought I would try just doing a faux paint job on the existing stone backsplash first to see if I could love it without spending the money. It only took a couple of hours and I think it's ok. I do love it way more than how it was, but it could be better. The question is: how motivated am I to change it?  If I change it would I go with an artisan white/ linen color with variations and some gloss/ some matte or something patterned?      I really like this pattern because it has a "lodgy" pattern that I really like and it has contrast without being too "black and white".  I know these patterned backsplashes are going to be a trend we see pass on quickly, so I just have to decide how much I love it and how long I would love it. These are my second choices.   Which do you prefer; patterned or plain?    This however, is a

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