Friday, January 22, 2016

Finding my voice

I have to save and share a link to this article written by Lauren Mantecon, an artist and art teacher living in Sante Fe. She writes about finding your artistic voice, which is my journey at the moment. I love what she says about striking a balance between critical thinking and surrender.  I think I am finally at a place in life where I can apply critical thinking to all the ideas that are always running around.  I'm ready to apply courage and organized thinking to my creativity and inner world and hope that what is inside can finally make it's way out.

My friend Shannon gave me the advise to pay attention to what inspires me and create verbal descriptions or tags about them and even write down specific ideas.  I've learned that writing what it is about a painting or image that catches my attention puts that information into a different part of my brain where it becomes more accessible when I'm trying to formulate new ideas.

I'm excited that I feel pluralistic parts of my personality converging to help me be successful in art.