Thursday, October 09, 2008

Flowers in the Cellar

My in-laws wanted their basement to be more cheerful so they asked me to paint some flowers in the stairwell. I was excited to do it in honor of my grandpa who painted his stairwell with flowers. So here it is:

I had to give directions to my father in law to finish the stairs since I didn't get time to add the middle tones and greens for grass and moss in the edges of the stones (so don't look too closely at the stairs), but the flowers are done and I think it turned out very sweet.
I was inspired for this a bit by one of my favorite artists "Kim Parker" Thanks Kim for your awesome work. (Her link is on my sidebar if you want to check out her work.)

Missouri Murals

My friend Leah called me out of the blue a few weeks ago to see if I was available to come to Missouri to paint some murals for a new church called "The Crossing" that is opening on Nov. 2 in our old town. It worked out great for me to go to Missouri on our way home from Oregon and stay there to paint. I knew it was a big job but when I got there I realized it was a REALLY big job. They wanted murals on almost every wall in 4 large rooms and I didn't have much time since my kids would have to be babysat every minute I was painting and I would have to stay with someone the whole time I was there. A house guest for a week is one thing, but 2 weeks/ 3 weeks... that's a lot. So I tried to hurry. I painted everyday from 9-5 and then from 8-midnight for two weeks straight with only a few breaks. It was super intensive and I painted more than I have ever painted before in my life. I had tons of fun and stressed myself out quite a bit and would do it all again because it was so rewarding. Leah hooked me up with some great babysitters. Janelle was awesome! My kids were excited to go to her house every day. (Thanks Janelle!) And staying with Leah and Joe was an absolute treat. They were a lot of fun.

I painted 4 rooms:
A jungle room: Before

and after:

An Under the Sea Room : Before

Thanks Chase who painted the seahorse and Katherine who helped with the Angel fish. It was fun to work with you guys! I also had tons of help with rolling, edging and blending. Thanks to everyone!

A Starry Starry Night room: This is completed but I totally forgot to take pictures. Boo. I'll get some for you soon. It turned out so fun!

And a Garden Room, which turns out will be more like a Missouri farmland room. I worked (like I said) like a crazy woman for 2 weeks and when I hit the day before I was scheduled to go home and there was way more left than I could do in one day I called it quits and headed for home. I packed up and drove through the night. We pulled into our Michigan home at 7:00 AM. My kids had just had it and I needed a break! So I have plane tickets to fly back down and rock the garden room. It just needs a few more days of intensive love and it will be gorgeous. I'm so excited. Here's where it is at right now:

I was really pleased with how they all turned out! What a fun project. I kind of wish our church would do something this fun in our buildings. I want my kids to go to church and play in fun rooms like these. (I might get a hefty calling if I keep up that talk huh??)
So, thanks to everyone especially Leah and Joe for making this awesome opportunity happen and to my husband for his support and to all the sitters and friends who opened their arms to me and my kids.