Monday, October 15, 2007

Kids Name Paintings!

I made an advertisement for my kids name paintings. I am selling these for $65
A great Christmas gift!

Prints Available!!

I have ordered prints of my most popular paintings.
I have them in stock and can ship them quickly. - Just in time for Christmas! If you don't see a print of your favorite painting below, let me know and I can order it for you. Almost all custom sizes are available.

Autumn Shadows 14" x 14" $30.00
Doy 14" x 14" $30.00
Family Heartland 89 14" x 14" $30.00
Rusted Indian Paintbrush 14" x 14" $30.00
Green Patch 14" x 14" $30.00
Poppy Garden 14" x 14" $30.00
Red Garden Path 14" x 14" $30.00
Red Lily 14" x 14" $30.00
Tuscan Twilight 16 x 18 $35.00
Marshland at Twilight 12" x 26" $40.00
Patchwork Heartland 24" x 24" $60.00

A couple new additions....

The Red Barn Festival has come and gone! What a great time it was! I wrote all about it on my other blog if you are interested in hearing more visit:

I saved a few paintings to post pictures of until after the Red Barn festival because I wanted to have a few that my friends hadn't already seen!

I've also gone back through all my former posts and listed prices on paintings that weren't priced.

Around the Shed at Sunset

11 x 14


Circus Riot

12 x 12


Grazing in Majesty

5 x 7


Hummingbird Hollow

14 x 14


Lone Blue

14 x 14