Friday, February 06, 2015

Giving yourself to the work

I came across a list by Eric Maisel, on the blog of Marla Beggatta. Eric is the author of Fearless Creating. I had the whole night to myself to paint and I spent the time doing bills and laundry and organizing and scheduling.  All important, but not the work I planned to do. Work fail!  I printed and hung this on my wall.  Maybe I can someday work when I plan to!

·  Working means caring for the work.
·  Working means not thinking so much.
·  Working means starting.
·  Working means doing what you'd planned despite disturbances.
·  Working means working when you don't want to.
·  Working means working when you're sad and ecstatic and everything in between.
·  Working means being present for the work.
·  Working means letting go of all distractions but the work.
·  Working means making a choice to do a particular something.
·  Working means working amidst the chaos of life.
·  Working means manifesting drive and direction.
·  Working means believing in unlimited possibilities.
·  Working means believing there are no limits.
·  Working means working on a particular day.
·  Working means silencing distractions.
·  Working means loving even the "yucky" work.
·  Working means loving even the "awful" work.
·  Working means always working to your edge.
·  Working means working over a long period of time.
·  Working means not being a perfectionist.
·  Working means giving yourself permission to do it badly.
·  Working means being devoted.
·  Working means making a sacrifice.
·  Working means surrendering

St. Mary's Way remodel

 I want to show off some pretty progress shots on the St. Mary's street remodel we are working on. Here's the "power wall" and the fireplace coming along. The thick rustic wood staircase is going to be a huge improvement. We changed the whole configuration so you go down on the opposite side from the original. It makes way more sense and now you can see all the way into the basement from upstairs making it so open and fresh.

Quails and Owls. I love birds.. just like everyone else in Portland.

My kids like the boxer owl with the black eye and the money bag around his neck. The two ladies are fighting over the artsy gentleman in the green tie.

Michael Orwick

 For years I have admired Michael Orwick's paintings. I discovered him in Cannon Beach. Imagine my astonishment when I learned that he was teaching classes every week only 30 min from my house for $20/ drop in! I could not believe it. I have gone to about 6 classes now and my mind is blown. I have always thought of myself as a painter, but how can one paint without knowing any basic skills?? Everything I've really wanted to paint is in oil, but I didn't have a clue how to use oils, and now I'm getting comfortable. I'm trying new things without so much fear. I'm going for it. It's so fun and Michael is a great teacher! I feel so blessed! I get 8 more classes with him before he goes on a year long trip around the world with his family. So fun.
Michael Orwick's under paiting
 Michael Orwick's finished piece
 My finished piece (copying his) see how far I have to go! Mine looks like acrylic because it's so flat and overblended, but  I learned so much from this! He suggested I glaze it from here so maybe I can still improve it.