Monday, October 15, 2007

Prints Available!!

I have ordered prints of my most popular paintings.
I have them in stock and can ship them quickly. - Just in time for Christmas! If you don't see a print of your favorite painting below, let me know and I can order it for you. Almost all custom sizes are available.

Autumn Shadows 14" x 14" $30.00
Doy 14" x 14" $30.00
Family Heartland 89 14" x 14" $30.00
Rusted Indian Paintbrush 14" x 14" $30.00
Green Patch 14" x 14" $30.00
Poppy Garden 14" x 14" $30.00
Red Garden Path 14" x 14" $30.00
Red Lily 14" x 14" $30.00
Tuscan Twilight 16 x 18 $35.00
Marshland at Twilight 12" x 26" $40.00
Patchwork Heartland 24" x 24" $60.00


Juliana said...

I definitely want to get at least one! How much will shipping be to Utah?

rebecca said...

You are an amazing artist!!! I'm trying to decide betwen Doy and Tuscan Twilight. Are they still available?

Melody said...

Rebecca, I have a few prints of both paintings. I'm so glad you like them!

shipping to Utah will be $7.00. This is for one tube (holds probably 10 or so prints) with 7 day shipping.

rebecca said...

Hi, so I do want the Doy print:) It's got all the colors of my living room/kitchen :) I'm going to try to call you too, so we'll figure out the details :) Is your number on the SAA website? I"ll go check right now :)