Thursday, October 09, 2008

Flowers in the Cellar

My in-laws wanted their basement to be more cheerful so they asked me to paint some flowers in the stairwell. I was excited to do it in honor of my grandpa who painted his stairwell with flowers. So here it is:

I had to give directions to my father in law to finish the stairs since I didn't get time to add the middle tones and greens for grass and moss in the edges of the stones (so don't look too closely at the stairs), but the flowers are done and I think it turned out very sweet.
I was inspired for this a bit by one of my favorite artists "Kim Parker" Thanks Kim for your awesome work. (Her link is on my sidebar if you want to check out her work.)


Juliana said...

I looooooooove it! This is gorgeous and your other post with the church murals blew my mind. I am so sad that I live in plain off-white walls all around me! Tell me what it would cost to do something like this in my play room upstairs or the twins room and I might have to beg you to let me hire you!

Julie and Zane Family! said...

That is so beautiful! Amazing!