Thursday, October 09, 2008

Missouri Murals

My friend Leah called me out of the blue a few weeks ago to see if I was available to come to Missouri to paint some murals for a new church called "The Crossing" that is opening on Nov. 2 in our old town. It worked out great for me to go to Missouri on our way home from Oregon and stay there to paint. I knew it was a big job but when I got there I realized it was a REALLY big job. They wanted murals on almost every wall in 4 large rooms and I didn't have much time since my kids would have to be babysat every minute I was painting and I would have to stay with someone the whole time I was there. A house guest for a week is one thing, but 2 weeks/ 3 weeks... that's a lot. So I tried to hurry. I painted everyday from 9-5 and then from 8-midnight for two weeks straight with only a few breaks. It was super intensive and I painted more than I have ever painted before in my life. I had tons of fun and stressed myself out quite a bit and would do it all again because it was so rewarding. Leah hooked me up with some great babysitters. Janelle was awesome! My kids were excited to go to her house every day. (Thanks Janelle!) And staying with Leah and Joe was an absolute treat. They were a lot of fun.

I painted 4 rooms:
A jungle room: Before

and after:

An Under the Sea Room : Before

Thanks Chase who painted the seahorse and Katherine who helped with the Angel fish. It was fun to work with you guys! I also had tons of help with rolling, edging and blending. Thanks to everyone!

A Starry Starry Night room: This is completed but I totally forgot to take pictures. Boo. I'll get some for you soon. It turned out so fun!

And a Garden Room, which turns out will be more like a Missouri farmland room. I worked (like I said) like a crazy woman for 2 weeks and when I hit the day before I was scheduled to go home and there was way more left than I could do in one day I called it quits and headed for home. I packed up and drove through the night. We pulled into our Michigan home at 7:00 AM. My kids had just had it and I needed a break! So I have plane tickets to fly back down and rock the garden room. It just needs a few more days of intensive love and it will be gorgeous. I'm so excited. Here's where it is at right now:

I was really pleased with how they all turned out! What a fun project. I kind of wish our church would do something this fun in our buildings. I want my kids to go to church and play in fun rooms like these. (I might get a hefty calling if I keep up that talk huh??)
So, thanks to everyone especially Leah and Joe for making this awesome opportunity happen and to my husband for his support and to all the sitters and friends who opened their arms to me and my kids.


Tif said...

All I can think of to say is that you are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!! These turned out beautiful!!!! And, I bet they are even more so in person!!

ladylighthouse said...

Auhmazing...these are much grander than the daisies and sunflowers you painted in my roon back in highschool! Wow, you are so talented!!
When our church has it's own building I am hiring you!!!!!!

Jessica said...

I've been looking forward to seeing these posts! So amazing. What kind of paint do you use for those massive projects???

Mary said...

Incredible! Incredible! Who are you!? Superwoman for sure. That's who you need to be for Halloween. I can't believe how much work you got done in such a short time. It is really amazing. Wow!

The Zickgraf Family Circus said...

Girl, you are my hero. I have nothing else to say, because it would all be gushing. You are seriously my favorite person in the world.

Mandi said...

WOW! Melody this is unbelievable! I am at a loss for words. You may just be the most talented person I know! Hope you are doing good! Miss ya!

Syd said...

Um, I am sitting her with my jaw dropped. WOW Melody, you are soooo amazing. They are stunning. Wow. Wow. I don't know what else to say. You are soooo cool!! Really, nice job. And i love the basement too. Wow. I can't wait till I can afford to have you do stuff for my house!! :)

Anonymous said...

When you said you painted a couple rooms, I was thinking a couple little classrooms!
This is utterly AMAZING!
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!
I have no words.
Other than, you are so talented... will do that for me for free? BAAAA!
You totally shouldda charged more! ;)

Anonymous said...

I did think of one more thing to say....

I heard there's a new temple going up in MO... betcha they're gonna need some painting in the Garden Room! You should totally get hired. YOU'RE UNBELIEVABLE and totally worthy!

photography by christina said...

AMAZING!!! I don't even know what to say. WOW!!

Kristy said...

Wow, Melody! These are amazing! there is just no other word for it. I love them! You did great! When I'm rich and actually own my own house I'll want to hire you to come paint it for me.

The Nelson Family said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT! You are amazing. What a huge project. I hope you are taking a little break for a while. I can't wait to see the rest of the photos when you are done.

DeGooyer Family said...

Looks fantastic!! And even better in person! =)

Eugie said...

my gosh melody you are amazing!! You are so talented...I just love it!!! I don't know how you do it, but you keep everything so clean and to scale...I defiantly wish I had a fraction of that talent. Good job.

GayLynn said...

Wow, I knew you were talented but WOW! You have a wonderful style that translates beautifully to BIG canvases! Were these your first murals? I would be very intimidated by such a large space but you tackled it with gusto. I'm sure this will lead to many more commissions! Congratulations!