Friday, October 30, 2009

Dragons about

I have been working on designing my friend Janese's house. We did all new flooring, (6" plank dark hardwood with a hand hewn look; SO gorgeous! We did all new paint, and lots of new furniture and accessories.

This is what we did in her son's room.

We ended up getting a different Quicksilver bedspread in tan orange and chocolate stripes.
But we still needed some artwork. She hired me to do 2 paintings for his room. I chose really warm grey in two values for the walls with deep orange as the accent color and her son is Way into dragons. So he got dragons.

This one is a rough take on a topographical view of a lake in Siberia frozen over called Dragon Lake.

I think they turned out pretty cool and I hope he really likes them. (he seemed to, but it's sort of hard to tell with teenage boys.)

Feedback please.


rebecca said...

So, I'm just waiting to hear the announcement that you will be on the next Design Star:) People would love you on that show!!!

The Posse said...

I love it. And in fact, there's a good chance I'll be ripping off your ideas when I do my little bro's room. He's definitely into dragons and I'd like to take it in a ... positive... direction....

Julia and Matt said...

His name is Dayton? That is the city where we live! Good job Melody! And... Seriously! I think people would love you on design star too!