Saturday, June 28, 2014

My new bathroom

 I have the loveliest bathroom in my new house. I wanted the decorations to really reflect me and what I like. I decided to use my clothes and jewelry as a starting off point. I picked out all my very favorite jewelry and realized it was all tourquoise, wood and pearls. Hmmmm.. I think we can go with that. It was hard to choose between gold and silver, but I ended up using gold and brass accents, mainly because I had the awesome butterflies I have been hoarding for years. Now they will finally have a home. This room has become a funny kind of mix of my love of all things rustic and southwest along with some luxurious and fine touches like the pearls and fur. Just touches though.. not too much. I did find the best shower curtain that is like dripping pearls. So pretty with all the wood. Finished photos to come.

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