Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Lily pad painting finally done! ... or is it?

 I finally found the dining set that says home to me. It was $80 on Craigslist for all 6 Chairs! I almost died.

And, I finally finished this lily pad painting that has been unfinished in my house for about 10 years. I'm tempted to put giant hot pink letters over it or yellow sun spots shining through or something crazy. I'm bored with it? Any thoughts?


MomaLaw said...

This is Beautiful but needs more contrast! Go back to the Michal Orwitz Painting above and put in some beautiful brilliant blues and Yellows looking up. The sun coming through the leaves that lay on top?

Melody said...

you're right mom! I need to get it back out. Thanks for looking at my blog!!
Love you!

roth phallyka said...

Thanks for looking at my blog!!


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