Friday, February 06, 2015

Giving yourself to the work

I came across a list by Eric Maisel, on the blog of Marla Beggatta. Eric is the author of Fearless Creating. I had the whole night to myself to paint and I spent the time doing bills and laundry and organizing and scheduling.  All important, but not the work I planned to do. Work fail!  I printed and hung this on my wall.  Maybe I can someday work when I plan to!

·  Working means caring for the work.
·  Working means not thinking so much.
·  Working means starting.
·  Working means doing what you'd planned despite disturbances.
·  Working means working when you don't want to.
·  Working means working when you're sad and ecstatic and everything in between.
·  Working means being present for the work.
·  Working means letting go of all distractions but the work.
·  Working means making a choice to do a particular something.
·  Working means working amidst the chaos of life.
·  Working means manifesting drive and direction.
·  Working means believing in unlimited possibilities.
·  Working means believing there are no limits.
·  Working means working on a particular day.
·  Working means silencing distractions.
·  Working means loving even the "yucky" work.
·  Working means loving even the "awful" work.
·  Working means always working to your edge.
·  Working means working over a long period of time.
·  Working means not being a perfectionist.
·  Working means giving yourself permission to do it badly.
·  Working means being devoted.
·  Working means making a sacrifice.
·  Working means surrendering


Priyatosh Gupta said...

What if you lost job
and you got no work?

Twinkle said...

Nice post. Interesting images. Thanks for sharing the post.

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