Friday, February 06, 2015

Michael Orwick

 For years I have admired Michael Orwick's paintings. I discovered him in Cannon Beach. Imagine my astonishment when I learned that he was teaching classes every week only 30 min from my house for $20/ drop in! I could not believe it. I have gone to about 6 classes now and my mind is blown. I have always thought of myself as a painter, but how can one paint without knowing any basic skills?? Everything I've really wanted to paint is in oil, but I didn't have a clue how to use oils, and now I'm getting comfortable. I'm trying new things without so much fear. I'm going for it. It's so fun and Michael is a great teacher! I feel so blessed! I get 8 more classes with him before he goes on a year long trip around the world with his family. So fun.
Michael Orwick's under paiting
 Michael Orwick's finished piece
 My finished piece (copying his) see how far I have to go! Mine looks like acrylic because it's so flat and overblended, but  I learned so much from this! He suggested I glaze it from here so maybe I can still improve it.

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