Wednesday, January 14, 2015

St. Mary's street house remodel

My family and I have been working on remodeling a huge home in the Salt Lake Foothills. I can't tell you how exciting it is to see a nasty old house turn into something absolutely stunning. (I hope you will agree.)
When I first saw the house it was in a confused state of limbo between 80's glam rock and gothic fortress all put on the bones of a fine old mid- century modern home. The multiple renovations had done a number on this old beauty. With the stone they had added as well as half the house to the original bones, it was pretty impossible to take it back to it's old glory and we had to work with some of these odd additions. I had my work cut out for me!
The huge back windows of this house look out on a wall of red rocks.  I decided this orange red needed to be my accent color and the house needed to be a framework for the beauty of the scenery. I chose to keep the walls and trim all honey milk white.  The floor is a rustic oak. I searched for over a month for the right floor. With simple finishes like all wood floor and white walls, the floor had to be perfect and my parents weren't willing to go over $5/ sq. ft. When I finally found it my heart lept for joy. (It's weird that I care about finishes that much isn't it?!)  At the beginning of the project I dubbed the wall next to the stairway the "power wall" and insisted that we needed a great finish on this wall. It took some convincing because the price is not easy on the wallet, but my good parents consented to put white ledgestone all the way around the double sided, walk around fireplace AND the power wall.  Yes, this will be gorgeous.
Out of all the possible finishes we could have chosen for horizontal surfaces, we decided to go with concrete counter tops and hearths throughout. Our contractor Robert Allen does some pretty sweet concrete work so we gave him lots of business. Wait until you see the built in sinks! My mom's idea was the double sided fireplace. She is full of amazing ideas!
Here are the hideous before shots. Have fun gazing:

downstairs - Before renovation
upstairs- Before renovation
Exterior- Before renovation

Looking forward to showing you the reveal! 
Here's a peak: 


One of the renderings I did for the kitchen

Prairie oak- the floor we finally chose! (worth the wait!)

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