Tuesday, March 17, 2015

St. Mary's Way remodel update

I'm so excited with how this remodel is looking. I've been desperate for photos which my brother finally sent today. Doing the design work and then being far removed from all the work as it takes place is excruciating. I was so happy to see that what I had in my head is starting to take shape in real life. My brothers and parents are doing such a great job. I think this house is going to be gorgeous.

This is the view into the pantry from the kitchen. It walks all the way through to the mushroom which opens into the garage. This pantry has an extra freezer or fridge.

This is the mudroom. I've never seen it done but I specified slatwall above the cubbies! So flexible!

Double sided walk around fireplace with black concrete hearth and rustic wood mantle.

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