Wednesday, August 15, 2007

New paintings!

I know it's been ages since I've had anything to add!!!
But good news, the painting spirit is revived and I am on a roll. I decided to bring work down for the Red Barn festival in Kirksville in October. So I have 9 weeks to put together a show that works together. What fun!

These are my first two paintings of from Michigan.

The first one is a commission ( a bit overdue I must say... sorry Amy. I hope you like it!) and the second one is because my last Autumn painting was the first to sell at the festival last year and I have missed it ever since, so here's a second edition... similar, but quite different.

Almost Autumn

14 x 14



Author J said...

Breathtaking! How much will you sell the autumn one for approximately? I have always intended to buy one of your paintings for my home... I just need to get to a comfortable spot financially where I can afford it!

Melody said...

Thanks J! This painting is called October 2. It's 14 x 14" and it is priced at $149
Thanks for the interest!

Pattie said...

I absolutely love your art work

would love to have one for my home will have to come look in october...

mer said...

very cool mel. I'll have to commission you to do Atticus's name some time. How much do these go for?

Melody said...

I sell the baby name paintings for $65.
I was super inspired by your orange and blue nursery Mer. Very cool. It would be a great theme to do a name painting from. I would be too flattered if you ordered one. :)