Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Two whole paintings in a day! Wahoo!

It was Wednesday morning on my day to paint, and time was ticking away. In front of me sat the painting I had pushed, in my eyes to it's near perfection the day before. It sat staring at me looming, daring me to disembowel it with a simple stroke of my brush. It's a familiar battle, my will versus the will of the nearly complete, imperfect yet so close painting, and my brushes seemed frozen, paralyzed with fear. "It's just the details I have to do," I tell myself, steady forward, and yet those all important finishing details make or break it every time. I stare, for 1/2 hour. I stare at the canvas; scheming, plotting, planning and ddeliberately seeing the outcome before the painting starts. In the end, who will win? The immobilizing fear emmanating from the inanimate board somehow so full of power, or my will to press forward knowing this attempt may fail, this precious painting day maybe a waste. With all my effort I force myself to pick up the brush and begin the execution. Why is it called that? Execution.. I'll let you judge for yourself whether or not this one died in the details. It's always my biggest shortcoming.

Marshland at Twilight

20 x 44

sold- prints available

This second painting came together so easily. I needed something easier after the struggle of the Marshland at Twilight. It was a doozy.

Red Lily

14" x 14"


Thanks Paul for taking Eirik to the Fair so I could have a whole day to paint! Two whole paintings finished in a day!! Great!


Erin Walk. said...

These look FABULOUS, Melody!!

Pattie said...

What an amazing artist you are I could look at these all day and never become tired of them..Keep up the great work

DeGooyer Family said...

I especially like the first one - you are so talented, it's amazing. =)

Tara said...

The colors in the marshland are so pretty. I love it.